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How to get Minecraft for Free

You can get Minecraft gift cards for Free. All you have to do is join a free website called site rewards you points for doing stuff. The stuff you do is easy and free and can be done right on the site, there is no selling no recruiting (unless you want to and earn even more points) there is nothing to buy.

Once you have some points from doing stuff like watching videos,viewing websites,searching the web,completing surveys and lots of other free things, you go to the gift card page where you will find over 90 different gift cards that you can redeem points for including Minecraft gift cards that allow you to play Minecraft for free..

I have made close to $5.000 on this site ($4,965.29 to be exact) so it can actually do a lot more than just get you free Minecraft if you use it more often. I am able to have Christmas for free because of it, even go out to dinner free and buy anything I want on amazon free, I even get a check sometimes when I want cash, they send the check out within 24 hours, it’s awesome.